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He-Man vs Skeletor: Finished Again!

Okay I lied to you last time, but this is the FINAL FINAL update on this picure. I was not happy about how flat the image felt so I went in and added in some light sources and to give it some more color and temperature.

Monday, April 26th, 2010

He-Man Vs Skeletor Part 2: Enbiggening Skeletor’s Creepiness

He-Man vs. Skeletor Sketches Part 2
Two more nights of sketching. I think I’m getting close.

I want Skeletor to have that Alien in Ripley’s face claustrophobic feel. I also want him to exude the creepy magician vibe combined with the artistic, spooky flair of Mr.Gone’s cape from the Maxx. He has also been enbiggened to a threatening demon boss size so he’s not just He-Man with blue skin and a different head.

He-Man vs Skeletorsketches Part3

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Sketches: He-Man Vs. Skeletor

He-Man vs Skeletor

I present to you the beginnings of another 80’s nostalgia art piece; inspired this morning by another nerdy conversation with co-worker Mike. We’d run across this Masters of the Universe Tribute Art Show at G1988 a few weeks ago, and upon looking at all this awesomeness I realized that I hecka wanted to do a MoTU drawing.

Fact: I have a giant Skeletor statue in my cube.
Fact #2: I’m the coolest guy at work.

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010